Cherry season has arrived, don’t miss it on your table

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Hello everyone…

Dear readers, After the pandemic, everyone has chosen to be their own doctor! .. The demand for natural and organic foods is increasing day by day. We all know that every vegetable and fruit has a different value and benefit. Today, expert dietitian Ferdi Öztürk I wanted to talk about our conversation with you.

Especially in summer, heavy foods should be avoided. We welcome cold melons, watermelons, and cherries, which are indispensable for our tables, with a smile, which are served first, especially in holiday resorts, during the peak times of the sun. We do not forget the prices, especially when we share with each other cheese, tomato, cucumber and whatever breakfast you have in your refrigerator as a useful meal for you. In today’s conditions, we see prices between 20-40 TL in cherries, as everything comes up instantly. Melon and watermelon have already been sold in slices so that they can reach everyone’s table by the operators in some markets. While the whole watermelon varies between 80-200 TL depending on the district(!), slices of watermelon vary depending on the gram, over an average of 40 TL.

Dietitian Ferdi Ozturk opens the topic. Compared to the past, everything is abundant today, but the fruits and vegetables that we expect in their season are now available in every season. When I said how useful this is for us, Ferdi Bey “It is necessary to know the food that comes out in every season. It is very important to eat according to the season. We also need to know our body and genetics well. It is imperative that we know what is useful, what is useless, what is not useful for us. It is very important to eat according to the diagnosis, especially if we have a diagnosed disease. “ he adds.

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Take me for a moment because it’s the season cherrytakes the test on the benefits of

Of course, there were also sentences that I said I forgot what I knew. The indispensable fruit of spring and summer, the cherry does not stop counting the benefits to the body.

Expert Dietitian Ferdi Öztürk While describing the benefits of cherries, I share the notes I took with you.

Here are the 7 most special benefits of cherry, which is a protective fruit used in the treatment of diseases;

1-Vitamin and mineral store: 100 grams of cherries are approximately 14-15 pieces and correspond to 65 calories. In addition to being rich in vitamin A, potassium content and fiber, it is also high in antioxidant content.

2-It is effective in the treatment of gout: Gout, which is popularly known as the disease of the rich, is caused by high uric acid in the blood. High uric acid accumulates especially in the big toe and joints in the body, causing pain and swelling. Cherries play an important role in the treatment of joint diseases and gout by helping to expel uric acid, which is high in the blood, and to balance it in the blood.

3-It removes nicotine from the body: In smokers, nicotine quickly reaches the lungs and mixes with the blood. Nicotine is an addictive and enjoyable substance. 1 serving of cherries a day ensures the removal of nicotine from the body and, thanks to the flavonoids in its content, prevents damage to the cell wall and cleans the poison in the body.

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4-It is kidney friendly: Quinic acid in cherries can prevent kidneys from making stones and sand, or it helps to pour sand more easily if it is formed.

5-Effective in the treatment of constipation: Cherry, which is rich in fiber, regulates the digestive system and causes constipation and bloating problems.

helps patients with

6-Keeps the immune system strong: Cherry fruit is rich in phytochemicals, it is an antioxidant fruit. in the body

It strengthens the body’s immune system by fighting against infectious diseases by preventing inflammatory reactions that may occur, helping to eliminate body swelling and edema.

7-It prevents the storage of fat in the body: In the treatment of obesity, cherry, which helps to regulate lipid metabolism thanks to its phytochemical content, should be included in diets. Cherries, which will be consumed in 10-15 snacks a day, fight against diabetes and obesity in reducing storage fat, balancing blood sugar, breaking insulin resistance, and in this process. Good luck with health.

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