Cheryl cut by L & #al; Oréal after nine years and loses her seven-digit deal in a blow to the troubled one - The Sun

TROUBLED Cheryl Tweedy was fired by the hair and beauty giant L'Oréal after nine years.

The singer of Geordie, 35, has lost a deal that is said to have earned £ 4 million for why it's worth it.


Cheryl was chosen by L'Oréal after working with the brand for nine years

A source in the beauty industry said: "It's a hammer blow to Cheryl at this stage in her career.

"L & # 39; Oréal was his most regular income".

Cheryl, 35, was informed that she was attacked in August when Karen Flavard-Jones left Garnier to become the new head of L'Oréal.

A source in the beauty industry revealed: "After taking Karen, the writing was on Cheryl's wall.At Garnier, she (Karen) favored classic celebrities such as Holly Willoughby and Davina McCall.

L & # 39; Oreal Paris

It was thought that his deal was worth 4 million pounds and is a serious loss to the celebrity as it is its "most regular source of revenue"

"The decision to cut Cheryl's contract is a hammer blow at this stage of his career.

"L & # 39; Oréal has been his most regular income for almost the past decade and is kept rich without having to do a lot of work.

"He also saw other stars from L & # 39; Oréal in places like Cannes, including Julianne Moore, Helen Mirren, Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz."

Geordie's singer Cheryl has been the so-called L & # 39; Oréal Paris spokesperson in the UK for nine years, making her their longest-running star.

Cheryl is beautiful in the new L & # 39; Oreal advertising campaign

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An insider says Cheryl's dismissal arrives while the new head of L'Oréal prefers "classic" celebrities like Holly Willoughby
L'Oréal hired the singer when he was an X Factor judge and was receiving a wave of support after it came out that her husband had cheated on her

She was taken at the height of her reputation as an X Factor judge when she received a wave of support from the British public after the revelations her husband Ashley Cole had betrayed.

Her ax explains Cheryl's recent decision to become the face of EasiLocks for hair extensions, which were previously promoted by reality stars Megan McKenna and Charlotte Crosby.

Last night, insiders near Cheryl said that L & # 39; Oréal's decision was "friendly" and she will remain a "friend of the brand".

The source added: "Cheryl and L & # 39; Oréal Paris are committed partners of the Prince & # 39; s Trust and both will continue to support it." At this time, L'Oréal does not intend to replace it with anyone. "


Cheryl has recently become the face of the EasiLocks hair extension brand, joining former promoters Megan McKenna and Charlotte Crosby
Cheryl performs her new single & # 39; Love Made Me Do It & # 39; on X Factor

Timing could not be worse for Cheryl after his single return Love Love Me was a huge flop.

His performance by X Factor, characterized by a widely ironic moment in which he licked his hand, was staged.

Recently we have revealed that she lost the part of Caroline Flack, the conductor of Love Island, in an attempt to play the main role in the musical of the West End of Chicago.

Cheryl's next job is as a judge for the BBC's new talent show, The Greatest Dancer.


He may no longer be in contact with stars like Helen Mirren and Eva Longoria in Cannes
Cheryl is beautiful in the new L & # 39; Oreal Elvive campaign

L & # 39; OREAL

The hit comes as Cheryl's single returns as Love Made Me Do It and her performance as X Factor has been criticized


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