Chest pain can be a sign of heart disease or exposure to Covid, this is the difference

TRIBUNBANYUMAS.COM, SEMARANG – The World Health Organization or WHO has revealed a number of symptoms caused by the corona virus, including pain in the chest.

But, not all chest pain identified with exposure to Covid-19. It could be, there are other diseases that peek at you.

Cardiology and blood vessel specialist Primaya HospitalBambang Budiono said, Covid-19 is a disease of a thousand faces. That is, it can resemble various kinds of diseases.

“Of course, additional or supporting examinations are needed so that it can be known that the chest pain is due to heart disease or Covid-19. Heart disease has a distinctive chest pain,” said Bambang Budiono in a virtual discussion, Wednesday (29/9/2021).

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According to Bambang, chest pain could be a sign of coronary heart disease due to fat accumulation, narrowing of the supply of coronary blood vessels to the heart muscles.

Chest pain can also occur due to sudden anxiety due to certain situations, or being overly concerned.

Pain in the chest may indicate problems with the lungs, muscles, nerves, and joints, as well as the gastric larynx.

Therefore, it is necessary for a doctor’s diagnosis to make definite conclusions.

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Related chest pain because of heart disease, he emphasized, the pain does not have to be in the left chest, but also other parts of the body.

For example, behind the breastbone, it can radiate to the neck, causing a feeling of choking.

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