Chevrolet will pay $5,000 to owners of these vehicle models

As a way of reinforcing and promoting an already existing campaign to replace defective airbags, Chevrolet Argentina reported that they will pay $5,000 to the owners of the Classic and Celta to come to a workshop to carry out a technical review.

The affected units correspond to the Chevrolet Celta manufactured between 2013 and 2016, and the Chevrolet Classic produced between 2013 and 2017. All of them will have the corresponding airbags replaced free of charge in the official network. The campaign is part of a broader, global campaign over airbag problems at supplier Takata.

What should they do?

To receive the money, the owners of both models must enter the brand’s website ( and check if your unit is affected. If yes, they must schedule a visit to an official workshop, attend and once the replacement of the airbag is completed, collect the $5,000, detailed the TN site.

Recalls or calls for review are common in the automotive industry, they are free for the customer and are normally carried out to solve a manufacturing defect that puts the safety of the occupants or third parties at risk. However, it is not common for an automaker to pay customers to do it.

When can I go to the dealer

The network of authorized Chevrolet dealers and workshops works from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Users must reserve a shift in advance in any of them and attend on the scheduled date and time. According to the brand statement, the service will be performed free of charge and the estimated time for its execution is up to 1 hour.

In case of any questions or queries, customers can contact the Chevrolet Customer Service Center at 0800-888-2438, or contact them via email or chat by entering the company’s website.


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