Chicharito, Layún, Reyes and the most criticized players of the national team

The three players have been identified over and over by fans because of their performance and personality.

Play in the Mexican selection does not guarantee a privileged place among the followers, on the contrary, for many it becomes a heavy aspect of their careers. This was expressed Javier Hernández this week

Both Chicharito e Diego Reyes is Miguel Layún they develop in European football, a condition that few can boast; But what made these three players the main objective of the criticism?

Javier Hernández He left Mexican football to reach Manchester United at the request of Alex Ferguson. In England he has lived the best period of his career, until now. He tested at Real Madrid, he has distinguished himself with Bayer Leverkusen and it has lost value in West Ham with few participations.

On the road became the national team's top scorer, always questioned by the number of goals scored in friendly matches and also by the way of scoring. Javier also has the weight of being a member of the Chivas team, a team as expensive as hated, and although it is still the most mediatic, the situation has changed dramatically.

In his maturation process as a footballer, he also changed his character. From being a positive player to criticism, he took a defensive stance on the level of fan response and refusal to converse with various media.

The story of Miguel Layún is known, since the beginning of his career he fought with the detractors, including those of his own team. He tried his luck in European football before being considered for the Mexican national team, he returned to the Mexican league to be champion and get rid of some labels.

However, the defender also suffered in the search for stability. In the last stage with Porto there was no continuity: in a dozen meetings they dispensed him in the calls and did not even convince Seville in his loan period to exercise the purchase option.

Diego Reyes It was never among the followers' preferences. Beyond the refusal that could generate its Americanist origin, the sporting merits are rebuked every time it receives a convocation and Although he joined European football in 2013, he can not settle in a club.

Its main position is central, but it has also entered into containment. In none of its facets has fully pleased and was one of the main claims of Juan Carlos Osorio.

For example, in his last season with Porto he recorded 23 absences, most of them for technical decision. However, he had a guaranteed place in the World Cup team and would have witnessed if it had not been for the injury that he prolonged the final list until the last minute.


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