Chiche Duhalde: “In serious countries, neither Cristina Kirchner nor Mauricio Macri could have been presidents”

The former senator also criticized the extension of the quarantine Source: LA NACION – Credit: Enrique Villegas

The former Senator Hilda “Chiche” Duhalde he ran from the crack and attacked both Vice President Cristina Kirchner and the former president, Mauricio Macri, focusing on the judicial processes that have both as protagonists. “In serious countries, neither Cristina Kirchner nor Mauricio Macri could have been presidents with the causes they have. With much less, they would not have been able to do it, “said the former legislator, who also criticized the management of the President Alberto Fernández.

“The first part of the quarantine was important, but after the extension was a mistake “, indicated for Radio Miter and pointed out that said extension brought as a consequence a “paralysis in production and work”, which “economically and psychically is doing havoc in many families. “

Chiche Duhalde stated that “This crisis is much deeper” than that of 2001 and he said: “The decline in these almost 20 years has been very great, there are no leaderships. At that time there was the contribution of the other parties, not only [Raúl] Alfonsín, but from Frepaso, who helped out “.

In relation to the marches called through social networks by opposition sectors, mainly Juntos por el Cambio, he commented: “This huge amount of complaints that we see on the street must be telling the President something he has to listen to. It is a pity that he does not do it because we are wasting a lot of time and there are things he could already be doing.

The former legislator revealed that her husband, Eduardo Duhalde, he no longer dialogues with the president. “He spoke. Because evidently [Alberto Fernández] has stopped listening to these questions: the productive issue, that of voting on transparency laws, which are fundamental, “he said and commented that” having a plan is necessary and knowing where we are going is fundamental, “for what he considered, regarding the President:” I don’t know why it prevents them from showing us a plan. There are issues that are important and urgent. ”

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