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  • Nick Ayers will be for John Kelly? The president of the United States Trump is looking for a new head of staff for the White House.
  • The 36-year-old Ayers is considered the favorite of Trump, so far is the chief of staff of Vice President Mike Pence. But Ayers wants to move to Georgia in the summer.
  • He is not very popular with his colleagues in the White House.

Analysis of Thorsten Denkler, New York

John Kelly has been so unhappy in his recent job that he must find it a great Christmas present to finally be allowed to leave. Kelly is the head of United States President Donald Trump's staff at the White House. And therefore actually responsible for ensuring that no chaos explodes in the White House. For this reason, Trump also excluded him in July 2017 from his position as Minister of the Interior and transferred to the White House. As the successor of the Reunion Priebus overload. Kelly lasted a little longer. But basically, after a few months, the air was out. All his attempts to establish something like discipline failed. This is due not least to Trump's chaotic management style.

Retired Marine General Kelly, highly decorated, believed that decisions should be made on the basis of facts. However, since apparently Trump does not read any files and is not interested in the details, Kelly has created models for him that illustrate the situation with as many images and graphics as easily understood. Kelly also tried to regulate access to Trump. Not all speakers should be able to storm the Oval Office. And not all councilors, including Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both employed in the White House.

Donald Trump Prosecutor: Trump is behind illegal payments

Prosecutor: Trump is behind illegal payments

The prosecutors of Trump's former attorney, Cohen, see Trump as a client of illegal payments of money. And reveal new details in the Russian business.By Thorsten Denkler

Kelly has failed. He found that Trump preferred to dig into his Twitter device, watch TV shows like "Fox and Friends", or get advice from TV fans, such as the Fox News star and Trump's Admirer, Sean Hannity, rather than the stern Kelly regime. to introduce. However, Trump relies primarily on his instincts when making decisions, as he recently stated in an interview. Not infrequently therefore violates the legal limits.

Former Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson, fired this spring, said on a podium discussion this week that he had to constantly warn Trump not to make certain decisions because they violated the law. The last example: Trump amended the asylum procedure by decree so that refugees can apply for asylum only at normal border crossings. In the meantime, the courts have recovered the decree. It is not known that Kelly showed signs of resistance. He probably resigned.

The rumors that Kelly will not be in charge for much longer will last for the rest of the year. Apparently Trump did not want to let his chief of staff go before the Midterm elections. After the midterms, it is quite common for presidents to massively rebuild their cabinet. Decisions are therefore less vulnerable.

It was already the day after the elections in early November, Justice Minister Jeff Sessions. At the end of the year, UN ambassador Nikki Haley will also stop. This Saturday, Trump's terse verbal announcement to journalists that Kelly will also go to the end of the year. Perhaps his interior minister Kirstjen Nielsen will have to leave early, he is considered a close confidant of Kelly.

US policy The UN ambassador of Trump fails with the latest project

The UN ambassador of Trump fails with the last project

Nikki Haley will be replaced in a few weeks. In the UN General Assembly, it has now failed to pass a resolution against Hamas. His successor is a former Fox News journalist.

Nick Ayers is considered one of the favorites of Kelly's succession

Kelly's successor wants to announce Trump in the next two days. The favorite is 36-year-old Nick Ayers. He is Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff. Trump is said to have offered him the job a few weeks ago at the White House election party. However, the thing has a grip: Ayers wants to do the job only temporarily. He plans to move with his family to Georgia at the start of the summer. Trump will probably change his mind. If they do not meet, there are many other names in the game: finance minister Steve Mnuchin, his loyal budget director Mick Mulvaney, or former sales representative Robert Lighthizer.

It has long been said that Ayers has the ambition to inherit Kelly. He is considered a "gold boy", a winning, intelligent, handsome-looking guy, like the cast for the power-hungry young man's work in the White House shark tank . Furthermore, it is incredibly rich. Between 12.2 and 54.8 million dollars should have an advantage. Above all, he earned money as a shareholder of political advisory firm. He practically lives on the Washington swamp that Trump promises to dry up. More recently, he has transformed the association of rather Russian Republican governors into a powerful and financially well-equipped campaign team.

Ayers' trip to the jury was the electoral victory of Sonny Perdue as governor of Georgia in 2002. At the age of 20, Ayers, as a personal assistant to Perdue, had a significant impact on the campaign. No Republican had won the governorship in Georgia since 1872. With Brian Kemp in mid-January, the third Republican governor in a row in the office. Since then Ayers has repeatedly advised Republican politicians – mostly successful. So was his current boss, Mike Pence, who led to his last electoral victory as governor of Indiana and has not left his team ever since.

Ayers should also have the support of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. But he is not very popular among his colleagues in the White House. Too loving. Too ambitious. Too young It is said that some have threatened to leave when Ayers gets the job.

His political career, however, is his great advantage over Kelly and Priebus. Both are not exactly known for thinking in a particularly political way. Starting in January, however, many of Washington's power structures are changing. Halfway, the Democrats have regained the House of Representatives in an unprecedented victory that will begin work at the beginning of the year. Without the approval of the Chamber, no new law can be approved. The chief of staff is the one who must try to bring all the parties together to obtain political results for the president.

Perhaps Ayers prefers to forge his political achievements. He will be interested in becoming governor of Georgia one day. That's why the planned move. He will soon show whether he will put these ambitions back a little bit.

The President finally wants a loyal Minister of Justice

William Barr, whom Trump has nominated for the post, is primarily an incorruptible lawyer. Trump's anger could hit him soon, like former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Thorsten Denkler analysis

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