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Marie is eleven. A day like the elementary school student he is sick and missing in class, the naked pictures go inside Chat Class around. Marie in erotic poses. Her breasts are visible, including her abdomen. The school comes into contact with the family, parents report.

The police investigate and find out: a classmate has sent the photos, they come from one Flirt online between Marie and a strange boy, whom both girls know through the Internet. The boy is eleven, he had Marie around nude photo churches.

Actually, Marie's name is different, but her story is the same, and she's not an isolated case. It is no coincidence: both the foreign boy and the classmate have become transgressors. Why: If children under the age of 14 pass pornographic pictures of peers, this is considered a crime.

The suspects are becoming younger and younger

In contrast to teenagers, they are legally guilty before the law, so they are not criminals. However, the police must investigate – and increasingly: "The number of ads in this area
has increased significantly in recent years, "says Judith Dobbrow of the State Criminal Investigation Office (LKA) in Berlin." As a police, we are now on average every two weeks at a school to investigate such advertising. In most cases, they are parents or teachers who report these occurrences. "

Lawyers talk about child pornography when a child poses sexually explicit in a picture or video.
Marie's nude photos fall into this definition. The LKA Dobbrow investigator has been dealing with these images for 20 years. "When I started, they were practically only guilty of adults, because every child has a smartphone, the suspects are getting younger and younger, and we often take care of elementary school children".

Youth protection experts therefore feel a dangerous tendency: "The authors and the victims are becoming younger and younger." We are already talking about children between the ages of nine and eleven, pornographic images
or spread peer masturbation videos. These cases are on the rise ", says Julia von Weiler, an internet expert in the advisory committee of the federal government abuses and CEO of the Innocence association in Danger.

Often it is attention

The reasons for the trend are obvious: more and more elementary school students have Internet-enabled smartphones and are quickly recording how to attract attention in the digital age. For example, the two elementary school students whose case the LKA Dobbrow investigator recently had on the table: eight and ten years, boy and girl.

They had seen pornstars like Katja Krasavice on Youtube, they know how many clicks you have with these videos. They wanted it too. So they turned the sex played and uploaded the video.

On Youtube someone has noticed, the video has been deleted, the announcement has arrived, the investigators have discovered who the two children are. It was a shock to the parents when they learned from the police what happened. But the thing has a second page.

The police can not report cases like childish stupidity. "We must always ask ourselves: is it a question between two children, or is there a guilty adult behind the photos or videos?" Explains Dobbrow. "So we have to check if the child has had the idea alone, and we have to exclude that an adult is suitable as a perpetrator or determine this."

As a result, this means: "We now spend a lot of time investigating cases where suspects and victims are under the age of 14. We lack this time in other areas, for example in crimes committed by adult and pedantic criminals."

Marie ended up going to school to rest

But who are these children who are still in elementary school but are already recording and distributing pornographic material? It may be the early girl clique, or the big-mouthed guys. Often, however, they are also very inconspicuous children.

Girls and boys of bourgeois parents and more difficult conditions. Judith Dobbrow has seen many of them, but she does not see a typical guilty profile.

Julia von Weiler, on the other hand, nominates three groups: "Among the under 14s there are inexperienced and arrogant rights, but also children who act strategically in a malign way." The needy are often those who start their first attempts at relationships, chat with their peers, discover their sexuality, first collaborations, some of which only exist online.

In such situations, Dobbrow says, it can happen that the other is pressed – Motto: "If you really love me, then you will sometimes send me nude photos". The step from the request to redistribute images is therefore only small – but criminally serious. Alone, what eleven-year-old already knows?

If it comes to the display, the investigators talk to the victim, evaluate his cell phone, look for the person who has spread the images or videos. In many cases this works fast enough. Then elementary school students sit at the police station and have to justify themselves – a rather "pedagogical" questioning is that, says Dobbrow. "I thought it was fun", the investigator hears. And in the end often: "Ok, I'm sorry".



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