Child under four years killed after police car hunt collision


Four people, including a one-year-old son, died after a car in South Yorkshire was hit by a car that had been chased by the police.

The fatal accident involving a black VW Golf and a black VW Touran, in which two families traveled, took place on Friday evening at Darnall, Sheffield.

The police tracked down three men aged 23, 17 and 18 who were traveling in the Gulf. They were arrested and detained after minor injuries.

Two men aged 35 and 50, one of whom was a driver, and a 41-year-old woman, all traveling in the Touran and not persecuted by the police, were declared dead on the spot. A one-year-old boy was pronounced dead in the hospital.

Another three passengers were injured. A 22-year-old woman is in critical condition, a second woman is also in a serious but stable state while a three-year-old girl has been hospitalized with mortal wounds.

The South Yorkshire police asked for shots with the dashcam of the collision.

DCI Jew Ashmore said: "First of all, my thoughts are aimed at the families of the victims who lost their loved ones in this incredibly tragic accident.

"Last night, a large number of resources were assigned to the scene, the officers of all emergency services worked all night until morning to help.

"Our priority now is to support the families of the victims and those affected and work hard to determine the exact circumstances of the events."

The independent police conduct office has opened an investigation.

Miranda Biddle, Regional Director, said: "Once informed, we sent investigators to the scene and conduct an independent investigation to determine what action the South Yorkshire police took before the incident.

"This is a standard procedure when, after an accident involving the police, human lives are lost." By visiting the scene we were able to see the dashcam footage confirming that, although there was a persecution before the crash, there is no indication that the police vehicle collided with any of the vehicles involved.

"We have also received the initial statements from the agents involved and we gather more evidence while we investigate."

It is expected that the area next to the accident will be closed for most of Saturday.


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