Childcare at the end of the line

The pandemic is beginning to weigh heavily on the morale of school daycare workers, who continue to see their workload increase.

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An internal survey conducted over the past two weeks by the CSN among more than 4,600 of its members supports this point.

The probe reveals in particular that more than half (58%) of respondents say they have a high level of psychological distress. Some 15% say they have a moderate level of distress, while 27% say they have a low level of psychological distress.

“Eight intense hours with children is something to manage, bubbles where they can’t touch each other. An educator has an average of 3 to 8 bubbles to manage in a single room … it’s not easy, ”deplores Geneviève Dagenais, a school daycare technician.

“It’s really breathless. We are burned as if we were at the end of the year and we are not even on Christmas holidays yet, ”said Frédérik Toupin, an educator in school day care.

In addition, many workers denounce the non-compliance with the class bubbles put in place to limit the spread of the virus between students.

No less than 51% of those polled say they work with mixed groups in the morning. This number drops to 21% for services offered during the lunch hour. But the statistics explode in the evening to reach 65%.

Finally, the survey shows that the ratio which imposes a maximum number of children on an educator is not always respected. Eighteen percent of respondents indicate that the ratios are never respected. Conversely, they are 29% to say that the ratios are always respected.

Other people surveyed note that the ratios are exceeded a few times per month (19%) or per week (20%). They are still 14% to say that they do not know if the ratios are exceeded or not.

“It’s impossible for me to do everything I love with these kids. […] The current context of the different color codes means that being in a red zone, it is impossible for me to do my job adequately, ”adds Mr. Toupin.

In the government, even if we refuse to comment on the negotiations in progress, we say we are “listening [des] concerns ”of educators and be“ open to discussion ”.

“We are aware of the challenges they face in the context of the pandemic,” replied the office of Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, by email.

In addition, Quebec says it is hopeful that its Reply Presents campaign, which aims to recruit janitors, supervisors and educators in child care, will remedy the shortcomings in the community.

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