Children 12 years of age and older in Greece will soon be able to get vaccinated against Covid-19 – Worldwide

In Greece, children 12 years of age and older will soon be able to be vaccinated against Covid-19, Prime Minister Kirka Micotakis said on Monday, while stressing that vaccination of children will not be mandatory.

Vaccination is currently offered to anyone over the age of 16.

The government is strictly following the recommendations of the National Vaccination Commission regarding the vaccination of children, the newspaper “Kathimerini” reports.

Greece has stepped up its vaccination campaign in recent weeks and wants at least 70% of adults to be vaccinated by early September, the government said.

The campaign calls for mandatory vaccination of workers in the health and care sectors. Those working in these fields who will not be vaccinated will be fired.

Vaccination is also mandatory in the army.

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