Children need activities – Doctors have given advice on caring for children with concussion


Children should be sent to school and forced to play sports, and not to protect them from all noise and light, because they slow down the process of restoring the brain.

Concussion is a fairly common injury among children, because most of them are active. Once upon a time, children with brain concussion needed peace and tranquility, and so they ensured the overwhelming number of pediatricians. However, recently, doctors have discovered that children need the opposite activity.

Specialists from the American Academy of Pediatrics have given new recommendations for the care of children with concussion. According to them, before the doctors always advised to keep the children in a state of calm – to make the room a dark atmosphere, turn off the TV and restrict it from the computer or gadget. A new study, conducted over the last 5 years, has established that such a strategy for recovery from concussion is not completely harmful. It only hurts and does not heal.

Scientists have been able to establish that, due to the excessive protection of parents, children with injuries can develop a sense of social isolation, anxiety and depression. For this reason, the recovery period is delayed.

When the concussion, doctors warn, children, on the contrary, must be loaded with physical activity. A child should be sent to play sports, although each case is very individual. According to doctors, parents must keep children at the usual level of brain activity, taking breaks for sports.

Light physical activity, such as walking and walking normally, is perfect. Gadgets at the same time can damage the healing process. At the same time, the child needs to continue the lessons at school, because their brains will begin to recover even faster.



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