Children of DPRD Members Raped Junior High School Students, Then Shackled and Sold at Rp. 400 Thousand

BEKASI – AT (21), the son of a member of the Bekasi DPRD, is suspected of raping and imprisoning a junior high school student with the initials PU (15). AT also sells PU to masher at a rate of IDR 400 thousand.

Quoted from, AT’s outrage towards PU was revealed by the Head of the Regional Child Protection Commission (KPAD) of Bekasi City, Novrian, after interviewing the victim further.

Novrian said that the victim, who was still in grade IX SMP, was held at a boarding house in the village of Sepanjang Jaya, East Bekasi.

Novrian added that the victim was held captive by AT in a boarding house on the 2nd floor.

The boarding room was rented by the perpetrator for a month, from February to March 2021.

At that location, it was suspected that PU was raped by AT. The alleged perpetrator also forced the victim to serve the masher.

” Also we find new findings. The results of our interview with the victim, it turns out that the child is a trafficking victim, ” said Novrian, Monday (19/4/2021).

“For some time, the (PU) child was held in a boarding house and the perpetrator sold him,” he continued.

Persecuted when refusing

Novrian revealed that the perpetrator sold the victim through the online application MiChat, where AT’s account was operated by himself.

“ Through this application, the victim’s confession to use MiChat. That the child doesn’t operate, but the one holding the account is the perpetrator. The child is only told to serve people in the room, ” he said.

AT forces PU to serve 4-5 masher men per day.

When refused, AT did not hesitate to persecute the victim.

“From the victim’s confession, there are indications of coercion and violence and there is clearly real manipulation. Because children are people who are not mature enough psychologically and socially, ” explained Novrian.

According to Nov. Not a dime he gave to the victim.

“ The MiChat application that is held by the perpetrator, he who operates it, includes negotiations. The admission is IDR 400,000. The money is in the hands of the perpetrator. He was locked up here for one month. You can’t go anywhere, ” explained Novrian.

Previously it was reported that AT was reported to the Bekasi City Metro Police regarding the alleged sexual harassment against PU, Monday (12/4/2021).

The victim’s report is registered with the number LP / 971 / K / IV / 2021 / SPKT / Restro Bekasi Kota.

The victim’s mother, LF (47), confirmed that the alleged perpetrator was the son of a Bekasi DPRD member.

“Yes, it is (the suspected perpetrator), the son of a member of the Bekasi City DPRD,” he said when confirmed, Wednesday (14/4/2021), quoted from the Jakarta Tribun.

LF explained, the victim and the perpetrator actually had an affair for about 9 months.

“So you see, my son is dating the perpetrator for about nine months,” said LF.

During their relationship, the victim confessed to her family that she often received acts of violence from AT.

When they wanted to report AT to the police, the victim’s family was informed that PU had been forced to have intercourse.

“First, the act of violence, then forced intercourse, because my child initially refused to be invited to have sex,” said LF.

LF stated that he would take legal action from the case experienced by his daughter. As a first step, he admitted that he had submitted a number of pieces of evidence to the police.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of the Bekasi City Police, Commissioner Erna Ruswing Andari, confirmed that there was a case report on the alleged immoral act.

”Yes, true. There (reports of sexual harassment cases), “said Erna when contacted, Wednesday (14/4/2021).

Erna said, based on the victim’s report, AT had more than once alleged rape.

” From the report (the victim) has been committed (rape). More than once (raped) he said, ” said Erna.

Erna also emphasized that his party was still investigating the case. ***


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