“Children passed off as children by gays”. And the controversy breaks out

The Democratic Party “crucifies” Fabio Rampelli. And Nichi Vendola uncomfortable “Herod” to buckle it to the right. The clash over the children of gay couples sends the radical left into a rage.

The vice president of the Chamber is the new target of the opposition after his unhappy exit during the program In Onda on La 7: «If two people of the same sex ask for the recognition, that is, the registration in the registry office, of a child who for one’s own child it means that this surrogacy was done outside national borders» – says the Fdi exponent during the broadcast.

The Democratic Party rises up and unleashes hell: «A bad sentence, not only towards couples who choose to welcome a child with love, but above all towards the children themselves, who cannot even defend themselves from this violence. They pass themselves off as politicians worthy of the government of the country» – attacks Pina Picierno, MEP, immediately. The leader of Action plunges the knife: «The list of statesmen of the Brothers of Italy is getting longer every day. Will there be an end? For posterity.” The Minister of the Family Eugenia Roccella takes sides in defense of the number two of Montecitorio: «Dealing evokes other things, perhaps the term is not correct, but the truth is what Rampelli said. Our law that to be adopted you need a father and a mother». Vendola reappears in the storm and leaves himself to one of his prosaic comments: «Today 19 March is Father’s Day, this occasion is also used to make controversy against rainbow families, to say that there are Serie A dads and dads of series B. It is curious to remember that today it is Saint Joseph, who is the symbol, the icon of fatherhood. Too bad St. Joseph wasn’t the biological dad of his son, he was a social dad, a soul dad, a spiritual dad. I don’t know if St. Joseph is among the references of Christianity exhibited by the right, seeing the current controversies I would say that Herod is more a reference for this right, maybe ask Minister Sangiuliano. And in any case, ban those who utter vulgarity even on a day like this, and best wishes, best wishes to all the fathers of the world ».

Rampelli relaunches from his social profile: «Best wishes to all fathers aware that they cannot be without a mother. Statement that is far from trivial these days because there are those who have mistaken people for objects or animals or tree species and children for smurfs, speaking of soft toys. Best wishes to all dads aware that they cannot be without a mother, to those who are unable to have children because they love another man keep their desire to themselves and do not make selfish choices to the detriment of the women whose egg they buy and rent ‘womb for nine months and children, destined to grow up in a tormented life, simply because they would like to have a mother as nature provides.’ The Democratic Party does not stop the fire: «In Rampelli’s words only malice. No respect for others, for those who think differently from him, for those who live a reality that exists, even though Rampelli may not like it. Unacceptable language towards children. This is the right that governs the country» the president of the senators of the Democratic Party increases on Twitter Simona Malpezzi. However, the majority seems compact and relaunches with the acceleration for the green light to the bill with the first signature of Carolina Varchi (Fdi) to include the penalties provided for by law n. 40/2004 on assisted procreation: imprisonment from three months to two years and a fine from 600,000 to one million euros. Brothers of Italy will ask for the immediate scheduling of the bill in the Justice Commission.

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