Chimay: five homes were destroyed by fire

This Monday at the beginning of the afternoon, a violent fire broke out at the Val d’Oise estate in Forges, near Chimay. The fire, a priori accidental, would have started from a chalet. It quickly spread to nearby dwellings.

Firefighters feared a major spread. Several barracks were mobilized including those of Chimay, Couvin, Philippeville, Beaumont. Housing is completely destroyed.

Three of the five families concerned were taken in charge by the CPAS of Chimay. They will be temporarily relocated to emergency accommodation.

A chance in this misfortune, we deplore only one victim. A lady was slightly intoxicated by the fumes. She was taken care of by an ambulance from service 112 before being transported to the CSF in Chimay.

The mayor of Chimay, Denis Danvoye, and CPAS officials went to the site.

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