China, in the process of being the first to reach the hidden side of the Moon


The Chinese space probe Chang & # 39; E-4 it was placed on Sunday morning in the orbit necessary for a soft landing on the hidden side of the moon, reported the Asia Space Administration.

The ship was placed in the elliptical lunar orbit at 8:56 am (00:56 GMT) this Sunday, according to a dispatch from the Xinhua news agency.

The orbit has its closest point to the terrestrial satellite at 15 kilometers and the furthest at 100 kilometers, the report said.

Chang & # 39; e-4 entered the lunar orbit on December 12th, and from that date controlled communication with the relay satellite Queqiao.

The orbit has the closest point to the terrestrial satellite at 15 kilometers and the furthest at 100 kilometers. SPECIAL /

This satellite is fundamental for the communication between the probe and the land, because allowing communication will make it possible China will become the first country to make one of its probes gently land on the hidden side of the Moon.

To date only the images of the hidden side of the Earth's natural satellite are available. The first dates back to 1959, almost 60 years ago, when they were taken by the ship of the Soviet Union Luna 3.

He then touched to United States through the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA) continues with the graphics, but no mission has reached that area.

The same face of the moon is always seen because the rotation speed of the Moon coincides with its translation speed, so that the same hemisphere always remains in front of the Earth.

The Chinese space agency said it had already checked the necessary tools for landing and now only has the best moment.

Chang's e-4 will reach the hidden side of the Moon less than a month after starting his mission ever since was launched from the space center in surponiente Chinese Province of Sichuan last December 8th.




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