China is ready for trade talks in the United States, but "if they want to fight, we will fight": ambassador – National


The new UN ambassador to China states that Beijing is ready to talk to the Trump administration of their growing trade war but "if they want to fight we will fight" – not only for China but for an open international economy.

Trump slaps more tariffs on China: 10% for a value of $ 300 billion of goods

Zhang Jun told a small group of journalists Friday that US sanctions and increased tariffs are hurting China and the world, and they are certainly not "in the long-term interest of the United States", where the American consumers will pay higher prices.

Zhang also said that sanctions against North Korea should be relaxed at an "appropriate time" to encourage progress in talks between Washington and Pyongyang.

And he pointed out that China will never allow any interference in Xinjiang, which has a large Muslim population, or in Tibet and Hong Kong.



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