Beijing, Aug 26 (EFE) .- China submitted a formal complaint to the US for sending a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft to a no-fly zone that the Chinese Army (PLA) uses to carry out live-fire exercises, the Ministry of Defense announced. Chinese defense.

Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said in a statement Tuesday night that “a U-2 reconnaissance plane flew over a no-fly zone without permission in the PLA’s northern military region, where they were conducting drills with real fire “.

“This is a serious interference in these exercises, as well as a violation of the codes of conduct for air and sea signed between China and the US. It can lead to errors of judgment and even cause accidents at sea and air,” said Wu .

The spokesman added that “it is a provocation that China firmly opposes,” with which the Asian country has submitted a solemn complaint to the US side.

Sources quoted by the South China Morning Post say that the US U-2, which operates at high altitudes, took off from a military base in South Korea and flew over the Gulf of Bohai, where the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong was participating in an exercise.

Likewise, the Maritime Security Administration of China indicated that they have been carrying out exercises with live fire in waters off the northeast coast of the country, which extends from the Gulf of Bohai to the Yellow Sea, according to the same newspaper.

Military expert Liu Weidong assured the newspaper that the US wanted to send the message with this flight that “the rules of the game are not decided by Beijing”, and that “Washington can do whatever it wants without being limited by Chinese military power.”

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