China reveals new images of the dark side of the Moon


porcelain On Friday, he transmitted images taken from his special exploration vehicle on the dark side of the Moon, in what his space program praised as another feat in the revolutionary mission to the lesser known region of the lunar surface.

Images of the state CCTV showed the explorer Jade Rabbit 2 and the special ship Chang & # 39; and 4 that carried him in the first soft landing on the dark side of the Moon, which never hits the Earth.

The images were transmitted from a repeated satellite to a control center in Beijing, although it is not known when they were taken. Officials from China's National Space Administration have stated that the event represents a "total success" of the mission to show the Scout vehicle away from the ship.

The images show a rocky surface with sharp edges of the craters in the background, which is a challenge for the controllers in planning future explorer vehicle journeys, according to the official Xinhua agency.

Among the images there is a 360-degree panorama armed with 80 photographs taken by a camera on the ship after releasing the explorer on the lunar surface, Xinhua said, quoting Li Chunlai, deputy director of China's National Astronomical Observatory and commander in chief of the Chang's territory application system & c.



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