China sends a ship to the moon to explore its hidden face for the first time


The Chinese spacecraft Chang & # 4 was launched this Friday with the goal of making the first landing of history on the hidden side of the Moon, scheduled for early January.

The ship left the Long March 3B rocket from the Xichang satellite launch center at 6:23 GMT. It consists of an orbiter and a scary one, which will develop different experiments in a previously unexplored region of the lunar surface.

The moon is blocked by the eaves of the Earth, so it is necessary when one turns on its axis at the same time as the orbit of the planet. In this way, always the same can be seen, informs

The opposite side always looks in the opposite direction of the Earth, which makes it difficult to establish communications. To solve it, China launched the Quequiao satellite in May, which remains in a gravitational attraction point beyond the Moon and will now allow communication with Chang & # 39; and 4.

The hidden face of the moon, seen from NASA

It is expected to land in the crater of the Von Karman, 186 km long, located in the basin of the South-Altken Pole, one of the largest impact craters known in the Solar System, which has a diameter of 2,600 kilometers. Change & # 39; and 4 is equipped with eight instruments, including a camera and a spectrometer.

It is intended to obtain details on the composition of the surface and also of the layers in the subsoil, in order to explain the different aspect of the moon's hidden face compared to the side we see from the Earth, much less injured. There will also be radio astronomical observations.


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