China sold more US bonds in March than it did since the end of 2016

Trade dispute between USA and China

The trade dispute between the countries remains unresolved.

(Photo: AP)

WashingtonIn the midst of the US trade dispute, China has sold as many US bonds as it has in almost two and a half years. In March, the People's Republic of Bonds was worth $ 20.45 billion, according to data from the US Department of Commerce on Wednesday. This was the highest level since October 2016. In February, China sold only $ 1.08 billion worth of bonds. Nevertheless, China remains the largest creditor in the US – holding $ 1.121 trillion worth of bonds in March.

The data was compiled before the recent escalation of the trade dispute between the two largest economies in the world. At the end of last week, US President Donald Trump imposed new tariffs on Chinese imports and also levied higher taxes on all other imports from China. China countered on Monday, announcing plans to raise additional tariffs on US goods from June onwards.

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