China Suárez touched her fans with the most beautiful photos with her three children outdoors

China Suarez he touched his fans with the most beautiful photos enjoying a day outdoors their children.

The actress was relaxed in nature with her little ones; Rufinathe daughter he has with Nicolas Cabre, Magnolia y amanciotheir children with Benjamin Vicuna.

First, he shared a photo with the girls. “My girls,” she expressed, super happy. Thereupon, she echoed a cute video of her baby doing their thing outdoors, running and playing with the family.


This message refers to the coincidence of the exes in the delivery of the Grammy Latinos that took place last Thursday and where the singer from Santiago attended without the company of China, which would have discovered the alleged affair.

At the request of gossiping, his followers continued to investigate and thus discovered that “until 5 days ago, everything was normal.” “5 days ago they liked each other. Her last (post) is not liked by him, but his last is. I speak of China,” they wrote.

The owner of the account agreed with her followers on a really important point about the (ex?) lovebirds, who always maintain fluid contact on networks. “And yes, when so much like and loving messages stop, all the alarms go off,” she said.

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