China supports Huawei's lawsuit against the United States


"People can say good and bad, justice will have its day.What we support is not only the interests of a company, but also the legitimate right of innovation of a country or a country and the right fundamental to all countries that want to climb the technology ladder, "Wang said.

Wang did not explain how blocking the sale to the US government could prevent the company from innovating.

Wang's comment was the latest in a series of arguments by Huawei or the Chinese government that the United States embarked on a pre-mediated attack on the company. Beijing has repeatedly suggested that it is because the world's largest economy feels its commercial interests threatened by telecommunications and Chinese technology in the broadest sense.

The United States, however, claimed to be concerned about the security risks posed by Huawei, claiming that the company's equipment could contain backdoors that could be used by the Chinese government for spying. Huawei has continually denied these claims, but the intelligence experts who spoke with CNBC have said that there is reason for skepticism about the company's insurance that is not a risk.

Experts point to Chinese laws that supposedly mean that every national company is legally obliged to assist the country in collecting information. It is also believed that Chinese companies are forbidden to talk about any intelligence work.

Huawei claimed that its absence from the US telecommunications market could slow down the introduction of next-generation mobile network technology known as 5G and harm consumers, they dismissed the request experts.

-CNBC Evelyn Cheng contributed to this report.



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