China tells the Czech Republic: Respect the free market and bring us back to the game of Dukovany

According to Beijing, the Czech Republic should return to the rules of the functioning of the free market.

“We hope that the Czech Republic will respect the rules of the market economy and guarantee fair competition,” said a spokeswoman for Chinese diplomacy. According to her, the Chinese government expects the Czech Republic to take active steps to create a “non-discriminatory and transparent business environment” for foreign investors.

On Monday, Zeman signed the so-called low-carbon law, which contains security guarantees. The law envisages that for the construction of a new unit in Dukovany it will be possible to use only technologies from suppliers from countries that acceded to the international agreement on government procurement from 1996. Russia and China are not among these countries. Russian and Chinese nuclear companies have previously shown interest in the tender for the construction of new nuclear reactors.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on Prague’s move.

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