China tornado: six dead, 190 injured


A fierce tornado has devastated the north-east of China, killing six people and wounding at least 190 in the devastating wake.

The twister crossed the city of Kaiyuan in the Chinese province of Liaoning on Wednesday evening, around 5.45 am local time, tearing the roofs of residential buildings and cutting down the power lines, which interrupted power in different parts of the city, The Beijing news reported.

An industrial area in the Teiexi district of Kaiyuan was the most affected; the tornado was reportedly reaching a speed of 80 kilometers at a time while traveling the city for at least 15 minutes.

Second local reports210 people were saved from the area.

Search and rescue operations began after the local emergency department received reports of people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Movies captured by horrified spectators show uprooted trees, shattering windows and machines that flip over as the twister devastated the city.

Reportedly, the Kaiyuan city government issued a second-degree emergency response immediately after the tornado hit.

A rescue mission is in progress.



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