China’s Covid-19 Deaths Plunge, Despite Risk of Outbreak During Lunar New Year – Bloomberg

In China, COVID-19-related deaths plummeted during the Lunar New Year holidays. This was announced by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The surge in travel has increased the risk of the spread of infection nationwide.

According to the center, there were 6,364 deaths related to the new coronavirus at medical institutions nationwide from 20 to 26, less than half of the previous week.

A nurse treats a patient with viral pneumonia at a hospital in Zhejiang on January 21.

Photographer: CFOTO/Future Publishing/Getty Images

Announcement on the 28thmaterialAccording to the report, 289 people died from respiratory failure, and 6,075 people with underlying conditions died from COVID-19.

After abruptly abandoning its “zero-corona” policy last month, China was criticized for lack of information and began to publish coronavirus-related deaths again. According to the announcement, 59,938 people died at medical institutions from December 8 to 1 of last year, and 12,658 from 13 to 19.

China reported deaths, including those who did not fit the narrow definition of COVID-19 deaths, but did not count deaths at home or in nursing homes, only considering those who died in medical institutions. So the actual death toll may be much higher.

Original title:China Says Covid Deaths Fell Even as Lunar Holiday Spread Virus(excerpt)

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