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The Chinese Football Association officially announced that the selection of China’s national e-sports football team has begun! According to the arrangement of FIFA,The 2021 FIFA eNations Cup (FIFA eSports Nations Cup) qualifiers on all continents will be held from April 30 to May 2. The main match will be held in Denmark this summer, including 24 teams from all continents around the world. Representative team.

In order to obtain admission tickets for the Asia-Pacific region, the China National E-sports Football Team Athlete Trial, hosted by the Chinese Football Association, Tencent E-sports, and EAsports, and co-organized by the TGA Tencent E-sports Games, will be held on April 8.

This trial brought together 64 elites including professional FIFA Online 4 players in China. They will conduct two-stage fierce competition through a combination of offline and online competitions. In the end, 7 athletes will be selected for China. National e-sports football team training camp, preparing for the Asia-Pacific region qualifiers.

The Asia Pacific qualifiers will be divided into two groups to compete. After the top three in the group qualify, they will compete for five places.

The trial is divided into two stages. The first stage will be held from April 8th to April 10th, which is the online competition; the second stage is the offline competition, which will be held in Beijing on April 12th. , The semi-finals and finals will be broadcast live simultaneously on all Tencent platforms.

Adopted in both stages of the trialPlayer 1V1 mode, The online game is a one-game win-loss system, and the offline game is a three-game two-win system. 64 players compete in pairs. The winner advances and the loser is eliminated until the final round selects 7 winners.

The Chinese Football Association stated that as a member association of FIFA, the Chinese Football Association strongly supports and will actively participate in the FIFA E-Sports Nations Cup.The holding of this trial is not only for the selection of national team players, but also the beginning of the normalization of the national e-sports football team.

E-sports football is well-loved by young people and has a broad market and good development prospects. The Chinese Football Association hopes that the development of this project can attract more people to love football and love football, from online to offline, from in front of the screen. In the stadium, really participate in football, turning the cheers of the virtual world into the speed and passion of the real world.

Prior to this, the Chinese Football Association had formed a team to participate in the 2019 FIFA E-sports Nations Cup.


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