"Chinese Clone" VW in front of Touareg Zotye Coupa praised the expert: Automedia: VladTime


The auditor spoke in detail about all the advantages of the Chinese SUV. Zotye Coupa left only positive impressions to a specialist.

In absentia, the blogger considered "Kupa" one of the most worthy crossovers in the Middle Kingdom, sold in the budget segment: the cost of a "luxury" configuration of a coupé-style crossover is only 1,250,000 rubles, not comparable to "luxury" "Hyundai Creta or Renault Duster – and when he had the opportunity to personally experience this machine, the expert finally praised the success of the Chinese automobile industry. The only serious disadvantage is a rather weak 1.5 liter "aspirate", which in some cases simply is not powerful enough.

The rest of the Zotye Coupa seemed to the car driver the ideal car for his money in almost every aspect. The design, although borrowed from the Tuareg, looks very dignified, the flowing lines of the bonnet flow into the body, creating the feeling that this is not a medium-sized crossover, but a off-road coupe. The interior is dominated by expensive decorative elements – everything from plastic to leather on chairs, is made in the most qualitative way possible, the blogger does not have the feeling of the usual Chinese "budget". In addition, he appreciated the extraordinary ergonomics of the interior, despite the huge number of different buttons and levers, they do not seem superfluous and seem in their place.

Dynamic features, like a low-powered engine, the Kupa proves to be very decent, it holds both on the highway and in dense urban traffic, and on light off-road vehicles. The driver advised not to perform serious off-road tests so as not to tempt fate. "Not Chery, but the ghost of VAG!" – gave the "Chinese" a rather bold and capacious description of the surveyor.




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