Chinese contracts: 43 infrastructures built in the DRC, according to the specifications (SICOMINES)

Radio Okapi/Ph. Cynthia Bashizi”/>

The Chinese party, represented by SICOMINES and the Chinese ambassador, within the framework of the China-DRC mining contract, reported on Friday, March 24, having completed 43 infrastructures in the DRC, according to the specifications.

She made this point during a press conference at the residence of the Chinese ambassador stationed in Kinshasa.

According to the secretary of the board of directors of SICOMINES, Diao Yings, the infrastructures listed in the appendix of the 2008 agreement, including the thirty hospitals, the 3,000 km of railways, the rehabilitation of the airports of Kavumu and Goma was just a string of intentions.

SICOMINES and the stakeholders say they are open to dialogue to find solutions to optimize the mining contract between the DRC and Chinese companies.

For the Chinese side, it is normal that there are disputes but which must be settled via friendly solutions for the interest of both parties.

However, she deplores all the media campaign on this affair which, according to her, does not benefit the parties.

SICOMINES believes that the Congolese Agency for Major Works (ACGT) will have to respond to the question of overcharging for works.

For his part, the Chinese ambassador stationed in the DRC, Zhu Jing, considered that this contract is not a win-lose as evidenced by the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) but rather a win-win with regard to the data. available to the Chinese side.

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