Chinese scientists find a way to enlarge brain cells – Scientists who observed the accelerated growth of mouse neurons after being exposed to low doses of radiation from terahertz waves said their findings have implications for future communication devices.

Radio waves in the terahertz band can increase smartphone bandwidth to 1 terabit per second (Tbps). This is beneficial for next generation or 6G communication technology.

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According to the researchers, after three minutes of exposure to 100-microwatt vibrational radiation with a wide frequency ranging from 0.3 to 3 terahertz, mouse neurons expanded almost 150 percent faster than normal in a Petri dish. The total length of connections between these neurons also doubled. in just three days.

Despite the super-fast growth, molecular analysis showed the exposed brain cells remained healthy.

According to the researchers, these findings could help evaluate the safety of new communication technologies and also develop therapies to treat brain diseases.

“The safety of the terahertz radiation protocol is a major concern,” explained scientist Li Xiaoli who led the research in the journal Acta Physica Sinica last month, quoted by the South China Morning Post, Monday (15/8).

Li and colleagues from the State Main Laboratory for Neuroscience and Cognitive Learning at Beijing Normal University say the adverse health effects of future communication technologies can be avoided by reducing the intensity and duration of radiation exposure.

The results also suggest that certain frequency waves and terahertz energy can be developed as a new neuromodulation or neuromodulation technology to treat diseases such as neurodevelopmental disorders.

“The abnormal development of neurons and the resulting abnormal neural network structure can lead to a variety of psychiatric and neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and Parkinson’s disease,” explain the researchers.

Radio waves in higher frequencies can transmit more information, but also carry more energy.

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Terahertz waves have a much higher frequency than the millimeter waves used in 5G which are limited to a top speed of 20 Gbps.

Several terahertz devices have been used in airport body scanners with energy waves capable of effectively penetrating kain and produce clear body images with hidden items.

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In a separate study, professor Liu Jianxin of the Institute of Brain Sciences at Xian Jiaotong University, Shaanxi province, found that terahertz radiation can make young mice smarter.

Exposure to 90 milliwatt terahertz radiation for 20 minutes a day for three weeks significantly increased the number of new brain cells in young mice, according to a paper published in the Journal of Terahertz Science and Electronic Information Technology in June.

These new brain cells could help mice find escape routes more quickly when their lives are threatened, according to the researchers.

But the old mice that were given the same treatment did not show any improvement in the experiment. The reason is unclear, the researchers said.


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