World Chinese troops with fighters from the martial arts, on...

Chinese troops with fighters from the martial arts, on the border with India

Andm in the middle of the in Junethe troops of the two asian giants have been involved in heavy fighting in the valley of the Galwanin the western part of the Himalayas, which resulted in the death of 20 servicemen in india.

China has not confirmed if there were casualties amongst their ranks, as a result of that, that it was the worst clash between the asian giants in 1962.

According to the journal, the chinese Journal for the Defence, a newspaper, a military officer, five of the new divisions of militia, including fighters of mixed martial arts, and mountain climbers, who took part in the team that took the Olympic Torch to the summit of Everest, they were presented on the 15th of in June during the inspection the official Lhasa.

The national tv channel CAMERA released pictures of hundreds of soldiers at the graduation ceremony in the capital city of Tibet, in the region close to the border with the India.

The sending of the militia, including elements of mixed martial arts, “it will greatly improve the organization and the strength of the mobilization,” of the troops, as well as the speed of the response,” said Wang Haijiangcommander-in area, regional, military, quoted by the newspaper.

The militia have been recruited to “strengthen the border”, says the Newspaper’s Defence in an article published last week in the social network WeChatsecond , it advances the agency’s parisPresse.

The journal does not lay down any ratio directly this strengthening of the presence on the border and tensions with the India.

On Thursday, the Ratio today announced that it has stepped up the dispatch of troops to the region.

China lays claim to around 90,000 sq km of territory in the north-east of the India. The India he says that China occupies 38,000 net square kilometres of territory in the highlands of Aksai Chin region of the Himalayas, in a part adjacent to the region of the Ladakh.

The India he stated unilaterally Ladakh a federal territory in August 2019. China has been one of the few countries to condemn very strongly to the measure, referring to it in international fora, including in the Security Council of the United states of america.

The The UN he urged both sides to “exercise maximum restraint”.

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