Chinese women’s football suffered a “black door”, the first Olympic game defeated Brazil 0-5 | Brazil defeated the Brazil team | Tokyo Olympics

Beijing time:2021-07-22 06:19

[New Tang Dynasty News from July 22, 2021, Beijing time]July 21Tokyo Olympicson,Chinese Women’s FootballEncountered in the first battle”Open door black“, from 0-5Defeated Brazil

That afternoon, the first game of the group stage,Chinese Women’s FootballEncountered a strong enemy Brazil women’s football. The first players sent by the Chinese women’s football team are:

Goalkeeper: 12-Peng Shimeng Defender: 2-Li Mengwen, 16-Wang Xiaoxue, 8-Wang Yan, 17-Luo Guiping Midfield: 6-Zhang Xin, 4-Li Qingtong, 13-Yang Lina, 9-Miusiwen Forward: 11-Wang Shanshan, 7 -Wang Shuang.

The entire game exposed the lack of strength of the Chinese women’s football. In the opening game, the Brazilian women’s football team showed a strong impact and broke the Chinese goal in the 8th minute. The 35-year-old Brazilian veteran Marta scored in the penalty area.

In the 21st minute, the Brazilian women’s football player Duda made a strong shot after breaking through the wing. Peng Shimeng pounced and let go. Debini in front of the goal easily followed and shot the empty goal. The Chinese women’s football team fell behind 0-2.

Only 7 minutes into the second half of the game, Brazil veteran Marta scored twice with a beautiful kick and once again penetrated the Chinese goal.

Subsequently, the Brazilian women’s football team once again used penalty kicks and counterattacks to score two consecutive goals. The Chinese women’s football team finally scored 0-5.Defeated Brazil

The Brazilian women’s football ranks 7th in the world, and the Chinese women’s football ranks 15th. In previous confrontations, the Chinese women have 1 win, 6 draws and 5 losses at a disadvantage.

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In this Olympics, the Chinese women’s football team has given up some experienced veterans and used new players who have no experience in the competition. Among the 22 women’s football players, Wang Yanwen, Liu Jing, Chen Qiaozhu, Ding Xuan, and Wurigumula have played 0 games in the international A-level matches. In addition, there are 5 people who have played between 1 and 3 games.

In this Olympics, the Chinese women’s football team played in the group stage with Brazil, Zambia, and the Netherlands. The top two teams in the group and the third place in the two groups with the best results in the three groups can enter the quarterfinals.

On July 24, the Chinese women’s football team will face Zambia. If they lose again, they will not qualify for the group.

(Reporter Luo Tingting Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Wen Hui)

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