Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez are infected with COVID-19 after reconciliation

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Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez announced that after their reconciliation they were infected with coronavirus.

The singer revealed in a video on her social networks that she and her partner have Coronavirus. Sincere and bluntly, Jenny Rivera’s daughter told her followers that the test was performed after spending a few days in San Diego, California.

And although they are fine, they do not know exactly how they were infected, Chiquis joked with the possibility that Lorenzo was the one who had the virus first.

“As far as possible I feel very good … I did feel a little tired, but I also thought that because yesterday I exercised and I felt a little strange,” Chiquis explained from her bed, where she rested next to her husband. “And then nothing, but the truth is I don’t have a fever, my body doesn’t hurt much, I just feel a little tired,” she added.

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The singer explained that she found out about it because she voluntarily took the test. “This is the third time I have done it for precautions. I had it done yesterday because as you know I had gone to San Diego for the 4th of July and stayed at a hotel. And for taking precautions. The results arrived today and yes, I have COVID-19, “he explained.

Although he went on a trip, Chiquis assures that he took the necessary measures such as wearing a mask, washing his hands. “This is real. I never thought it was going to hit me, “he added. He also confirmed that his relatives are free of the virus.

“He also tested positive. And the truth of things is that when I saw Lorenzo, his throat already hurt. Then he gave me a kiss because he missed me, and I said: ‘Oh, my throat hurts!’ ”, She said with a laugh.

Lorenzo, for his part, confirmed that he has the disease with a post on Twitter, where he assures that he does not have strong symptoms and that the $ 200 the test costs are exaggerated. “If it were so dangerous, governments should give everyone the free trial!” The singer wrote.

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