Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez put on a tremendous party in the car

A marriage crisis and beating the coronavirus, are part of the recent history of Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez, who have once again turned their Instagram accounts into the best platform for share everything you do together.

And this time or was the exception, because after the reconciliation, the singer is unleashed and if he is not showing flirty photos, he spends his time airing what he and his partner do together.

In one of his recent Instagram stories, Lorenzo boasted what he was doing with his wife in the car, although there is no need to think badly, because it is only a little dance that both artists performed to the rhythm of a well-known song.

Even Mendez showed the sensual way Chiquis has of moving, images that show that now both artists are more united than ever, in addition to making it clear that they have fun everywhere, no matter it is above the car.


Lorenzo Méndez, since he reconciled with Chiquis, is very flirtatious on Instagram

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