Chiquis Rivera responds to those who compared her to a Halloween pumpkin during the 2021 Billboard

On September 23 Chiquis Rivera placeholder image was one of the celebrities who shone during the delivery of the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2021, where he appeared on the red carpet wearing a sensual orange dress completely clinging to his curvy silhouette, a fact that caused a stir among users of social networks, who not only sent him flattering comments, as some more attacked him with cruel accusations, including was compared to a Halloween pumpkin.

However, lJenni Rivera’s daughter She did not remain silent and responded to her detractors, making it clear that she does not care about the opinions of others, because she is proud of the woman she is and how she looks.

It was exactly through her official Twitter account, where the singer responded to those who assured that she looked like “a Halloween pumpkin” with that spectacular orange dress, which is why once again she kept thousands of mouths assuring that she likes to drink. risks and trying things out of the ordinary.

“No. I am not the thin woman that perhaps ‘some’ would like to see in a tight dress, walking on a red carpet … but what I am, is a woman who is not afraid of challenges, of taking risks and trying something different, outside of the frequent ”.

But if his previous answer had been little, he also reflected on the stereotypes of current beauty, making it clear that she is a real and confident woman, so he did not hesitate to join the message of Karol G, who a few days ago She said through the same social network that she does not care what they think of her and the criticism she receives.

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I am a real woman, just like that. A confident woman, but starting with the heart. So for those who find it easy to criticize, I want you to know that has me without COJONEYes! As well as @karolg! I love myself… and so should you (i love myself and you should toos), ”he wrote in a second tweet.

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