Chiquis Rivera’s brother comes out in defense of Lorenzo Méndez

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After Chiquis Rivera placeholder image and Lorenzo Mendez announced their separation, users of social networks have turned to comment on the alleged reasons for their divorce and, now, it was Trinity rivera, the singer’s brother, who came out in defense of Méndez and this is what he said.

“I know the answer was spicy, but this is a relationship with two people that I love, and people are making assumptions for both parties and it is a bit annoying because I am Chiquis’s brother and Lorenzo’s brother-in-law and I love him very much. No I feel like I have the need to get into that relationship, “he declared on Instagram.

Rivera also expressed his annoyance that people meddle in his sister’s relationship and expressed his feelings for his still brother-in-law.

“I do not understand why you take the trouble to get into it and fix this problem. You have no power in this matter. If you are watching this brother, I love you. I miss you and I hope you are adjusting well,” he clarified.

This after, after the controversial announcement of the couple, both have reacted on the networks in very different ways.

For example, Lorenzo has been very sentimental, and even asking God to help him overcome this complicated process in his life.

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While Chiquis was absent from the networks and even deleted his photos from Instagram.

However, after her brief absence, new confessions by the artist have revived the controversy over her divorce.

And it is that, yesterday, Chiquis returned with a photo that has left their own and strangers speechless, because in it the singer appears half-naked.

“Reboot,” he wrote in the post, hinting at a new beginning in his life.

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Reboot. 💎

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However, a few hours later, he dropped a bomb by writing on Twitter: “Yes, I am what you say, I am what you say to the world… or want to pretend. But really, only God, you and I know the truth. I keep quiet because it makes me more sad to speak the truth ”.

But, his confessions did not end there and through Instagram he revealed that “some people are so lucky, that I believe in God, in his time and in leaving everything in his hands. Because if I did not have God in my heart, I would turn their butts on. , would speak the truth of things and put an end to show“.

It was on September 17 when Chiquis Rivera caused a stir on Instagram by announcing her divorce from Méndez, with whom she married in 2019.

“With a heavy heart I inform you through this medium that Lorenzo and I have decided to separate. It was a mutual and difficult decision, but necessary. No, this is not something that I am published to cause controversy or ‘publicity’, not much This is our private life that we have decided to share with you these last four years, and for that reason I feel the need to let you know, “he shared in the publication that has already been deleted.

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