Choking, don’t take it lightly, know how to overcome it

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Person choking could be due to food or foreign objects stuck in the airways.

Generally, some people in Indonesia call it the word “selection”.

This condition can be very worrying because it prevents oxygen from getting to the lungs and brain.

If left for more than four minutes, lack of oxygen can cause brain damage to death.

Reporting from the Mayo Clinic, Friday (11/19/2021), choking is characterized by being unable to speak, difficulty breathing or making sounds when breathing, a strong cough, skin; lip; and nails turn blue, even to the point of losing consciousness.

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Choking can happen to anyone. In adults, usually choking occurs because of the food that is being eaten.

While in infants or toddlers, this is generally caused by food pieces that are too large.

When someone or yourself choking, usually the first thing to do is drink water.

However, this could even make things worse.

The following is first aid that can be done when others or yourself choking:

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