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After the debut TXT Chonguk (Jungkook) stopped was just Chonguk. Now in the name of the latest young artist Great entertainment success an educated word will be added "Hyung" (Hyung).

This is how all the other participants will contact Chonguk. BTS and txt – "older brother". And the mcnee title is now 16 years old Hyunin Kaiu (Hueningkai) from the new K-pop team.

It seems that this situation is not at all tempting for ARMI.

It all started with a harmless TXT tweet thanks to BTS:

"We sincerely thank our son who has had time to tell us many useful things and to give wise advice, even if they are very busy, we will work hard so that they can be proud of the junior artists, we love you, son!"

In response Chonguk wished them good luck with the promotion and signed as "Chonguk Hyung".

BTS fans were horrified by this message: Twitter was inundated with ironic (and sometimes very sad) memochki. Many ARMS have also accused other fans of the group that Chongguk has decided to call itself "senior":

"This means that he does not believe he is still our baby" – wrote in his profile one of the fans of the group.

But the worst thing is that "Chonguk Hyung" immediately fucked on Twitter. However, in all honesty it must be said that under the word "Jungkookie" You can still find thousands of different messages.

What do you think: ARMI was alarmed at all? Or is it really an important event in the history of BTS and K-pop culture? Is a new era starting?



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