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“Hotel Paradise 4”: the audience’s favorite has been eliminated from the program. “she came sincerely for love”

The fans of “Hotel Paradise” did not expect such a turn of events. The audience’s favorite dropped out of the program.

In “Hotel Paradise” the atmosphere becomes more and more dense, and singles fighting for fame, feelings and big money are approaching the finale of the 4th season with great strides. Only Nana, Łukasz, Sara, Przemek, Wiktoria, Miłosz, Vanessa, Mateusz and Inga, who seem to be in the worst situation, are on the show. However, after the latest game, in which the couple of Vanessa and Mateusz were blocked, the situation in the Paradise hotel has changed dramatically. When the next pair was blocked, also Wiki and Miłosz were not so sure of their position and after a sharp exchange of views with Mateusz and Vanessa, they suddenly decided to offer them a deal they could not refuse and swap their partners. – If he does [wybierze Ingę, przyp. red], it’s any competition and I will do my best to fall off and send Vanessa to the bottom right away – said Miłosz in an interview with Wiktoria. We would like to remind you that just before the Wiki and Miłosz pair were blocked, the two refused to help Mateusz and Vanessa, condemning the beautiful brunette to leave “Hotel Paradise”, because no other couple would have decided to save her during the latest Paradise Hand. Did the Wiki and Miłosz’s plan come true, or maybe Mateusz decided to take revenge on them? Nobody expected such a turn of events! “Hotel Paradise 4”: the audience’s favorite has been eliminated from the program The host of the show, Klaudia El Dursi, has already accustomed TVN 7 viewers to the fact that “Hotel Paradise” can be really erratic. Despite the fact that the rules of the show say goodbye to the program by players who fail to create a pair during the Paradise Hand, the clever competitions also eliminate other participants, who often doom their partners to …

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