Entertainment Chris Evans' message after mistakenly posting intimate photos on...

Chris Evans’ message after mistakenly posting intimate photos on his Instagram

Chris Evans reappeared on Twitter after mistakenly posting intimate photos on Instagram (Reuters)

Chris Evans he became one of the protagonists of the weekend due to an unforgettable oversight. The renowned American actor mistakenly showed on his Instagram account a photograph in which his genitals were seen. Two days after his accident, the actor reappeared to send an important message to his fans.

On Saturday night the protagonist of “Avengers” wanted to share a family clip with his 5.7 million followers, through the stories of his social network, but in the rush he forgot to edit it. When the video ended and he returned to his gallery there were videos and several personal snapshots of Evans, including the image of his private parts.

Evans quickly realized his mistake and erased the story, but it was too late, since the screenshots immediately reached Twitter and went viral on social networks with all kinds of jokes about the mishap that the actor had suffered.

Evans’ “Avengers” partner Mark Ruffalo drew drama out of the situation and sent the actor a funny message. “Brother, while Trump is in office, there is NOTHING you can do to embarrass yourself.Ruffalo joked in his tweet.

The Oscar nominee was questioned by a user who pointed out that he could easily have called Evans to deliver the message privately.

Mark Ruffalo's tweet
Mark Ruffalo’s tweet

Evans’ brother Scott also took it with humor via Twitter on Sunday, joking: “I was off social media yesterday. So what did I miss?

Chris Evans's brother's message
Chris Evans’s brother’s message

After a few days, Evans approached the mishap with great humor. “Now that I have your attention !! VOTE on November 3rd !!”The actor tweeted.

Chris Evans' message after showing himself naked on Instagram (Twitter: @ChirsEvans)
Chris Evans’ message after showing himself naked on Instagram (Twitter: @ChirsEvans)

Evans recently launched a civic engagement app and website called “A Starting Point,” which features short videos of Republican and Democratic members of Congress and other American politicians sharing perspectives on political issues.

Like Ruffalo, Evans is no stranger to speaking out politically, even criticizing President Trump, which he has done numerous times.

“If all we get is political commitment from an otherwise apathetic voter, then we’ve done our job,” Evans said in remarks to People magazine. “Success is that more people vote.”


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The unexpected message from Mark Ruffalo to Chris Evans after posting an explicit image by mistake


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