Christchurch: "No corner of the world is immune from this danger"


DThe attack on Christchurch on two mosques with 49 dead and dozens injured is just beginning. In the international press, the main issue is that the fight against terrorism can no longer be considered a unilateral Islamic phenomenon.

"Times" (United Kingdom):

"The murder of at least 49 believers in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, is an act of pure malice. Politicians and the public will thoroughly investigate whether this crime could have been prevented. The most urgent response of free societies this terrorist attack must be to recognize the extent of the threat posed by right-wing extremism.A subculture poisoned with hostility towards Muslims and the spirit of a pluralistic society has been enhanced in the era of "Information. It has also been nourished by many in public life, associating the Muslim population with radical Islamist fanaticism."

"Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (Switzerland):

"The blind violence, the high number of victims and the motivation behind the perpetrator do not allow other conclusions except that the Pacific State was hit by a terrorist attack. And by one of the extreme right. Why Is it so important to emphasize it? Because the term terrorism in recent years almost exclusively for acts motivated by Islam seemed to be reserved. (…) It proves that in many countries the risk of right-wing terrorism is grossly underestimated, not c & # 39; it is only from today. Thus does the cruel attack of Christchurch as a joke.The hatred towards dissidents, others of different beliefs or of other kind, so much is clear, is deeply rooted in all our societies. And it is not limited to bearded men who call Allahu Akbar. "

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"De Volkskrant" (Netherlands):

"Christchurch is not just a drama for Muslims. Cruel attacks should lead to general thoughtfulness. The multi-ethnic society causes tension. Dissolving or reducing these tensions is a task for everyone. This requires an open debate. But the multi-ethnic society is also a reality: illusions about the return of a "white homeland" lead only to violence ".

"The Standard" (Austria):

"His theories and concepts of conspiracy of the enemy are widespread in right-wing circles and are now reaching the mainstream. He expresses his support for Donald Trump and calls the right-wing extremist and racist mass murderers Anders Breivik and Dylan Roof as a source of inspiration His manifesto bears the title "The Great Exchange", a concept that has been propagated in recent years, in particular by the New Right and the Identity Movement. & # 39; Enemy takeover & # 39; also the name of the last work of the controversial author of German best-seller Thilo Sarrazin. Similar positions are also held by established right-wing parties, some of which also have governmental responsibilities. (…) You must pay attention to how they work their words and what they can mislead ".

Merkel – "An attack on the open and tolerant society"

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During Friday prayers in Christchurch, New Zealand, at least 49 people were shot dead. Chancellor Merkel also expressed her solidarity on the sidelines of the high-level talks in Munich with the German industry.

Independent (United Kingdom):

"The condolences of every honest person on earth apply to families, friends and affected communities. Once again the civilized world has been attacked and must renew its commitment to tolerance and freedom in the most tragic circumstances possible. (. ..) The Christchurch massacres remind us that right-wing extremism – similar to Islamist terrorism – is spreading globally – in this sense, no corner of the world is immune from this danger, no society should believe that it is safe From it. "

"The Press" (Austria):

"The declared objective of the Christchurch fascist assassin was to incite further violence, to deepen the gap between native Europeans and Muslim immigrants and to get the maximum attention. This is why he filmed his plot with a camera "That's why he left his manifesto. His madness had a method. Now everyone should be careful not to run their business with reckless reactions. The assassination offers the opportunity to stop and realize the terrible consequences that the anti-Muslim unrest and the popular ideas of the nineteenth century could still have today, but not all are the same as racists, Islam-eating eaters and pioneers of terrorism, who demand a limitation of migration ".

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"Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (Germany):

"The Islamophobia thrives in all Western societies. More than 17 years after the al-Qaeda attack on America, almost five years after the videos of the beheading of the Islamic State, three and a half years later the storm of refugees in Europe, the fear of alienation goes hand in hand with the fear of terror, but no attack, no self-proclaimed caliph and no conflict of values ​​between migrants and majority society make it impossible to distinguish between religion world and the second most believer and their absorption by Islamists. That is why it does not look good when Donald Trump gives courage to the victims of Christchurch. No, Trump is not the fault of all the evils of the world. free world "is a man who has promised a" Muslim bloc "and has stated that" Islam hates us ", legitimizes a dangerous speech beyond America".

"The print" (Italy):

"The Christchurch assassination is like a blow to the pit of the stomach. (…) When the cold and merciless images end up on the screens and in the social networks, the horror is immediate. The massacre was committed by an Australian young man, the nationality increases the horror, the attack has hit a part of the world that was thought and hoped to contain fanaticism, now you have to face the enemy in. The people from the other part of the world felt protected by distance, prosperity, social inclusion. Today they realize that they are (dangers) exposed and vulnerable ".

"Stuttgarter Zeitung" (Germany):

"The hatred is limitless. Terror knows no taboo. With the massacre in the capital of New Zealand, Christchurch, the rage against strangers has also reached the last paradise that had previously been spared. In the world of those who let themselves be seduced into such blind violence, there are no blessed islands ".



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