Christian Cueva Yannick Ferrera speaks Peruvian national team player level play Europe indicates coach Al Fateh Saudi Arabia

Christian Cueva has been holding good meetings with him Al-Fateh of Saudi Arabia. Important in the attack for his team, the strategist of the Arab team, Yannick Ferrera, highlighted the player’s level of the Peruvian Selection and pointed out that he can play in a European league.

“Based on what I have seen these weeks, I would say that Christian Cueva is a level player to play in Europe, in some league better than Arabia,” Yannick Ferrera told Fútbol Como Cancha.

Cueva’s multifunctionality allows Ferrera to have more variance in the attack. “I see Cueva as 10. But in some games he has also played on the left. He can do both, but I see him more as 10,” said the coach of Al-Fateh.

Ferrera spoke about the level of the Arab tournament. “The league in Arabia is very good. Here we can play with up to seven foreigners, also the level of training and facilities are very good. The games are competitive,” he explained.

Yannick Ferrera on his relationship with Cueva

The strategist wants to find the best football performance of ‘Aladino’. “When Christian Cueva feels loved and loved, we can get the best version of him,” said Ferrera.

Finally, the strategist revealed that Cueva will start in the match between Al Fateh and Al Ettifaq. “In recent years he has not been very regular, but the big difference is that we love him here a lot and he needs to feel the confidence of his coach, of his club. We believe in him.”


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