Christian Dissinger triumphs with Vardar Skopje on Veszprem


Vardar Skopje realized the great dream of his German fullback Christian Dissinger and won the Handball Champions League for the second time after 2017. The Northern Macedonians prevailed in the final of the Cologne Final Four against Hungarian representative Telekom Veszprem with 27 : 24 (16:11).

Dissinger (27), who moved from THW Kiel to Skopje in October 2018, is not looking forward to winning the European club's most important trophy for the first time. National captain Uwe Gensheimer has twice lost this feat to Paris St. Germain in the last three years in the Final Four.

Skopje was in front of 19,750 spectators in the exhausted Lanxess Arena, slightly better in the meeting and got a small advantage (8: 5/14). In defense, the two giants Dainis Kristopans (2.15 m) and Gleb Kalarasch (2.05 m) made everything close, offensive, the team of coach Roberto Garcia squeezed his icy throws.

Skopje and Veszprem with a dramatic final phase

Veszprem made several passes after the break. Acclaimed by all-red fans, the Hungarians reduced the gap to 15:17 (36 & # 39;) with two goals. The unlucky Dejan Milosavljev in the Skopje Gate was therefore taken from the pot, the 23-year-old Serbian national goalkeeper changes in the Berlin Bundesliga fox in the summer.

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In a very dramatic final phase, the Hungarians, who had eliminated German champions SG Flensburg-Handewitt in the quarter-finals, scored a goal (23: 24/56). The compensation was no longer successful. The best scorer in Skopje was the Brazilian who surrounded Rogerio Ferreira Moraes with six goals, Dissinger was without a goal.

Dissinger was not the only German participant in the final. The refereeing couple Lars Geipel and Marcus Helbig led the final of the Final Four, which took place for the tenth time in Cologne, for the second time after 2017, with confidence and without great enthusiasm. Skopje also won the title at its first appearance two years ago.

Barcelona wins the match for third place

Previously, FC Barcelona had won the match for third place. The Spaniards prevailed after an offensive fire against the Polish champions KS Kielce with 40:35 (20:16). Their best launcher was the French international Dika Mem with eight networks.

In a lively early stage, the Barcelona ensemble and Icelandic playmaker Aron Palmarsson quickly gained a small cushion (9: 5/10). Kielce, future employer of goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, initially had no response to the speedy attacks of the Spanish ready.

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In the second round, Kielce made the game even more compelling with star coach Talant Duschebayev and meanwhile approached at 29.31 (47th min). The Spanish champion stumbled but took the lead over time. For Kielce Alex Duschebajew met five times in the opponent's goal, the son-coach was the top scorer with 100 goals in the Champions League season.

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