Christian Lindner wants state rescue services and legal escape routes


FDP leader Christian Lindner has argued in favor of creating legal escape routes to Europe and decent housing in North Africa. “Failure to provide assistance is unjustifiable and, on the other hand, there should be no aid for trafficking in economic migrants,” Lindner told the newspapers in Funke Mediengruppe. “The solution must be that we create decent housing and legal escape routes to Europe with the United Nations Refugee Agency in North Africa.”

Necessary is a rescue service in state hands, the migrants “but not to Europe, but first to the starting point of each trip”. The smugglers should not be relieved of the business.

Fact check for rescue

At the same time, Lindner insisted on “a change in German immigration policy – and the reduction of illegal migration”. Then it will also succeed to distribute the legal protection seekers fair in Europe. “Unfortunately, everything is mixed up here: Anyone who comes to Europe by sea is called a refugee, and we have to face the truth that there are also undocumented economic migrants who have no legal right to stay.

Maas hopes for an “alliance of helpful people”

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas had suggested the day before an “alliance of helpful people for a binding distribution mechanism”. An agreement on rescue services in the Mediterranean should “no longer fail in the dispute over the distribution of the rescued”. He expected that the EU partners on this subject “a decisive step forward in the coming week”: The SPD politician told the editorial network Germany, the Federal Republic was ready to guarantee to always take a fixed contingent of rescued.

His ideas, however, do not meet with great approval in other countries. Austria's ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) said: “The distribution of migrants in Europe has failed, and we are once again discussing ideas from 2015 that have proven to be unworkable.”

Short wants instead traffickers “the business basis withdraw”. In addition, people should be brought back to their homes after the rescue; it also needed initiatives to promote Africa's economy.


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