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Christian Meier remembered that he was the acting teacher of tula rodriguezduring an interview for ‘On everyone’s lips’, where he boasted of having taught the former dancer the techniques of this art.

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“Everything that is known about this art was taught to him by me, I have been his teacher, I hope to remain in his memory for the rest of his life, because for me the experience has been just as satisfactory, one hundred out of one hundred, you are my best student”, maintained Christian Meier.

Though Tula Rodríguez got a little nervous about this revelationHe replied, thanking him for the gesture. “I will never forget that. You have been my best teacher Regardless of the workshops I took, when I came into your hands, acting speaking, I thank you for everything you taught me.”, said Rodríguez, who took the opportunity to add: “Christian Meier is there to eat and to take away, and on top of that, still ask for yapa”.


The interpreter of Diego de la Vega in the novel “The Mask of the Fox and the Rose” wasted no time and continued to flirt and joke with the television host.

I had the opportunity to work with Tula some time ago, where I taught her all the arts that she has said and she learned 100%what I want is for someone to search the archive for the images of what Tula looked like in that production and realize that in addition to the talent she had for all those things, it was better than eating grilled chicken with your hand”, he counted.

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In an interview with TromeChristian Meier He stated that he no longer wants to play the role of a soap opera heartthrob and much less of a ‘mature heartthrob’. “No, I think we can leave that to the new generations”, manifested.


The elevator doors on the 17th floor of a hotel in Miraflores open and Christian Meier appears with his dark glasses and a bottle of water in his hand. Our meeting takes place, which is also a ‘Deja Vu’as he has titled his new single with which the music returns, and we begin this interview in which he tells how he takes care of his physique, his role as a father and love, that does rule out that he is going to get married again.

“Being here with you is also a ‘dejavu’ and it’s the name of my first single. It’s the first time I’ve recorded original music in 20 years and I’m glad this album, which will come out in the future when we complete the singles, has been well received by people. Concerts and tours to the province will come later”, she specifies.

Christian, are you a protective or jealous dad?

Look, I was always curious first how it would be when my daughters grew up and had a boyfriend and on the other hand, how would I react if it would be very strict or jealous. When it happened, my two daughters (ages 19 and 21) have crushes at the moment, I was more relaxed than I thought and assumed that beyond when we reach the age of majority we also have the right to behave as such and make our own decisions . I am very attached to my three children, they have already reached the age of majority and I have told them ‘take responsibility and be aware’, one advises, but I try not to get into their spaces.

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Do you see yourself married again?

Married, no, but to be with someone because human beings tend to mate.


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