Christiane Lambert: "Even farmers feel humiliated"


INTERVIEW The FNSEA, the main agricultural union, has invited farmers to demonstrate the whole of next week.

Its president explains the reasons for this dissatisfaction that is not identical to that of the yellow jackets.

La Croix: On behalf of FNSEA, the main agricultural union that presides, call the farmers to demonstrate. For what reasons?

Christiane Lambert Farmers have been waiting months for important decisions that do not come. President Macron promised a law to organize better value distribution among distributors, producers and producers and improve farmers' incomes. And now the government announces the postponement of orders that faced the essential problems of increasing the threshold of resale at a loss and the limitation of promotions. The continuation of the price war would not benefit anyone!

With this delay, the government wants to avoid a peak in food prices. Is not it prudent given the current social climate?

C. L .: This withdrawal is unjustified. The studies conducted by the government show that the impact of the measures would be 50 cents per capita and per month. Is it still too much to save French agriculture? We can seriously tell farmers: "OK, you do not win anything, but wait a little longer, because we have a problem in the country"? What we are asking is simple: that these orders be examined and validated by the Council of Ministers on December 12 to be operational at the 1stst January.

The law on diet, waiting for orders

The application of the diet is not the only matter that feeds the discontent …

C. L .: In fact, we denounce a forced ecological transition that imposes additional unbearable costs. An example: the government has planned to increase the tax on pollution, which already represents 140 million euros collected nationally. According to our calculations, to 1st January 2019, this commission will be increased to 250 million euros, which producers can not support. This is why we demand a moratorium on this measure, the time to find a solution compatible with the agricultural economy.

Do you even mention an "agribage" stove, a systematic denigration of French agriculture?

C. L .: Farmers are victims of intolerable persecution by some NGOs. By publishing defamatory and defamatory studies, they lead us to believe that terrible things happen in our campaigns. This denunciation that drives violence is no longer bearable.

When the French judge their agriculture

The last straw was the glyphosate platform created by the government, which invites farmers to declare their "best practices". As if the farmers behaved badly. We will not make the ecological transition with start-ups, injunctions and accusations.

What are the methods of mobilization?

C. L .: We demand a mobilization in calm, respect for people and goods. There will be no blockages over time, as we did with the oil sites in June. Our 84 departmental federations will organize meetings with prefects and parliamentarians to raise our demands at the highest level.

Our mobilization is distinct from that of yellow jackets. At the beginning we supported this movement because it expressed a difficulty for the rural world more influenced by the increase in fuels. But we did not get together despite the requests of some of our members. It is a movement that wants to be apolitical, asinziano. In addition, the yellow jackets have expanded their claims and there are iconoclastic things, far from the initial ideas of the movement.

We are a responsible union, open to dialogue, driven by the desire to find solutions.

Yellow jackets: the unions condemn violence

Call for demonstrations today, is not risking increasing the mess?

C. L .:I reported the violence and warned our fellow citizens of the risk of slippage. We do not call to protest in Paris, but to meet the elected authorities and representatives in the regions. What is more democratic? Is this the right time? This is never the time. But I alerted the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, the government for months. Even farmers feel humiliated. And it needs to be heard.

Captured by Antoine of Abbundo


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