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Politician of CDU, FDP and the Greens deplored more than 290 deaths in Sri Lanka after suicide attacks in Sri Lanka exposed a growing threat to Christian minorities in many countries. "The terror in Sri Lanka joins various attacks against Christians all over the world", said the federal government commissioner for religious freedom, Markus Grübel (CDU), the newspaper The world, "Christians are the goal of radical Muslims throughout the world, which in reality is incomprehensible because Christianity is similar to Islam". Although there is currently no such threat in Germany, Grübel said. In this country, however, all people should be educated in religious tolerance.

The former leader of the Union faction, Volker Kauder, told the newspaper image"I see with great concern the growing persecution of Christians throughout Asia, and the nationalist movements of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims are becoming more and more militant." He added: "We must urge the Sri Lankan government, but not only there, to do more to protect the churches."

The CDU general secretary Paul Ziemiak also asked for more protection for Christians. Now it is important not to be divided and to maintain the dialogue of religions. "But this also means clearly addressing the oppression of Christians and clearly supporting observance of religious freedom".

"Religious intolerance is particularly directed against Christians"

Religion – political spokesman for the Union faction, Hermann Gröhe (CDU), said the Rheinische Post: "Religious intolerance today is directed in a special way against Christians who are prevented from exercising their religious freedom".

The head of the FDP Michael Theurer said: "Over 100 million Christians live in countries where their human rights to religious freedom are not respected". This makes Christians the largest persecuted community in many regions, whether in China, North Korea, Pakistan or parts of Nigeria. in Sri Lanka The terrorists wanted to shatter a country where four major world religions lived peacefully despite political conflicts. It must be avoided that this is a clash of cultures.

The European-green politician Sven Giegold said the worldthat religious freedom Christians are threatened in many parts of the world. "Europe needs to push the world for the right to religious freedom".

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