Christine Beaulieu discusses her relationship with Roy Dupuis for a rare time

Christine beaulieu and Roy Dupuis are very discreet about their relationship. Within the framework of Gemini awards gala, the actress has revealed some details about her relationship.

Last Sunday, the two actors shone on the red carpet of the event. On this occasion, Christine Beaulieu confided in 7 days : « We are private people compared to our couple, especially my boyfriend. It’s important for him to protect his privacy as much as possible, which I respect. »

Credit: Paul Ducharme

« We were both nominated; so we wouldn’t have sat at two different tables. And we love each other, so we wanted to be together. My boyfriend supports me, we’ve been a couple for eight years. He gives me wings, but I won’t make him do something he doesn’t want », Added the actress.

During the 36th edition of the gala, Christine Beaulieu was awarded in the category of Best Leading Female Role in a Comedy for her role in The eye of the storm. Last month, Véronique Cloutier had also shared behind the scenes photos of the second season.

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