Christmas Aldi Announcement 2018 - Kevin the Carrot must save the family from the rotten parsnip

It was almost toast after last week's advertisement showed Kevin the carrot poised on a cliff edge in a Coca-Cola-inspired truck.

But now Aldi's latest holiday announcement shows that lovable vegetables survived his dangerous journey to recite a new adventure.

Kevin the Carrot escaped from his car accident – but in the last announcement he has to save his family from an evil parnip

Aldi's latest announcement – to be aired on Friday – will delight worried fans who thought the character could be killed after last week's publicity crashed into a truck that looked a lot like the famous Coca holiday vehicle -There.

Georgia on Twitter was among a handful of frightened viewers and wrote: "I swear to God if this carrot dies, I will start a revolt, I have never imported a vegetable so much in my life".

But this week's 60-second advertisement shows the carrot alive and kicking and defeats a wicked stingray and march called Pascal in a story inspired by the story.

To celebrate the launch of the new spot, Aldi is once again selling its popular £ 3.99 plush versions of the Kevin the Carrot family – plus a new version of the bad Pascal soft toy.

The friendly family of Kevin the Carrot is trapped in a bird cage in the last holiday announcement

For the first time this year, there is also a gigantic one-meter high Kevin the Carrot toy available for £ 19.99.

The growing popularity of Kevin and Katie saw an unprecedented plush demand last year forcing Aldi to restrict customers to only two per customer this Christmas to prevent people from cashing and reselling on eBay.

A lot of buyers have even shared photos of their stuffed animals in VERY funny positions.

Narrated by veteran actor Jim Broadbent, this year's advertisement shows Kevin navigating through Christmas food stalls to free his family from a birdcage.

The announcement of this year presents a new character: an evil male parsnip called Pascal

Naturally, the stingray is French in a nod to the age-old rivalry between this country and France.

Thanks to some awesome Kevin gymnastics, the evil Pascal falls into a bowl of walnuts on the table and the family is safe.

Adults will have to suffocate a giggle in front of any child while Kevin jokes "right in the balls" when the stingray is defeated.

The end of the advertisement reveals the cute family of carrots – Kevin, his wife Katie and three children: Chantenay, Baby Carrot and Jasper – have never been in real danger since Kevin was just reading a story.

Aldi will publish other advertisements inspired by fairy tales with adorable carrots in the coming weeks.

The spot ends with Kevin the Carrot reading the story inspired by the fairy tale to his family

Adam Zavalis, marketing director of Aldi UK, said: "Kevin the Carrot is loved by our customers and we thought that this year would not be a Christmas Aldi without the carrot clan.

"While Kevin rises to other adventures, this time it's all in the context of fairytale stories that are read to the family and each story brings to light our best Christmas products.

"From appetizers to turkeys, to offers of fresh meat and desserts, the countryside reminds our customers that with the surprising daily value of Aldi, everyone can have a fairytale Christmas".

In addition to the plush Kevin and Katie the Carrot toys, you can also buy a £ 2.99 Kevin and Katie book and a gift mug for the £ 2.99 novelty this year from Aldi.

All toys will be available for purchase from November 22nd and purchases will support the Teenage Cancer Trust.

This week, customers will also be able to take a look at the Coca-Cola-inspired Kevin the Carrot trolleys that travel around the country to deliver to stores.

Last year's Aldi Christmas advertising saw Kevin fall in love with Katie and have three small carrots together.

Tesco has also published his Christmas advertisement this week, which shows the very different ways in which families celebrate the season.

Meanwhile, anticipation is growing before the release of John Lewis advertising – but is this the teaser trailer?

Announcement of John Lewis leaked 2018 & # 39; Rocket man teaser & # 39;

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