Christmas is complicated by outages. There is a fight for paper, interactive toys may be missing and discounts will probably be reduced – ČT24 – Česká televize

Persistent lack of chips and blocked shipping and limited traffic are the main reasons why electricity retailers may not have enough goods for Christmas. “None of these effects are expected to improve in the coming months. However, it is not the case that the entire category is missing from the menu. People choose alternative models to those they would have chosen initially, “says Datartu spokeswoman Eva Kočičová.

A typical example, for example, according to Alza spokeswoman Daniela Chovancová, is cheaper laptops. That is, you up to fifteen thousand. Game components and consoles, home appliances, audio systems or mobile phones are still missing. “More mobile phone manufacturers are informing us that deliveries of some models will not fully cover our demand, so we cannot guarantee full availability for all until Christmas,” adds Chovancová.

Outages can also affect the number of discounts

Partial outages of goods can also affect traditional discount promotions. “Christmas events must be, because Czechs are addicted to events. But there will be fewer of them and in some cases the discounts will not be as high as people were used to. And most importantly, there will be a smaller selection, “explains Tomáš Prouza, President of the Trade and Tourism Association of the Czech Republic.

In addition to some goods, there is also a lack of packaging material, such as paper. He also causes problems for booksellers and publishers, and some titles may be delayed.

“There are delays, but customers do not have to worry about anything to choose from. There will be enough books. We recommend following the release dates, and sometimes we don’t know if the title will come or not, but it’s not a tragedy, “says Adam Pýcha, Marketing Director of Kniha Dobrovský.

According to Antonín Kočí, director of the Euromedia publishing house, the battle is not only for paper, but also for the capacity of printers. “Until this autumn, books were concentrated, which were to be published both last year and this spring. Now neither printers nor paper mills are logically catching up with it, “he explained.

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Interactive toys may also be missing

There could also be a smaller offer among the toys. Vendors have the biggest problem with delivering interactive ones.

“Delays occur in the production of chips, plus transport, which is doubled, both in time and price. Somewhere, they stop containers in ports and wait for further transport, so we don’t even expect it to be better after the new year, “said Jana Krčková, Marketing Director of Bambule.

Therefore, most retailers contacted by Czech Television recommend not to postpone purchases due to longer delivery times.

More expensive Christmas blackboard

But people will have to spend more this year, for example for baking or a Christmas board. Food continues to become more expensive, not only those typical for festive meals. It is also about milk or pastries, and the price increase is noticeable, often by tens of percent.

The price of lettuce jumped by more than sixty percent, tomatoes are on average by fifty-eight percent more expensive. People pay a fifth for margarine. The typical components of the Christmas board also became more expensive – various fats, oils, sugar and fish.


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